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CASE Art Fund’s mission is to empower children through photography. 


We firmly believe every child has the right to be seen and heard, regardless of race, class, or nationality. CASE  is a nonprofit based in Chicago and Oslo.

CASE's vision is to be at the forefront of presenting photographs that inspire and create a positive impact on social awareness, human rights, and children's education. Photographic projects are exhibited in nontraditional ways including outdoor exhibits, art festivals, art fairs, and other cultural venues. 

​CASE works with local and international organizations to help effect change. This commitment is long-term and serves as the backbone for all projects that are funded. Our objectives are:

Identify current children's humanitarian issues.


Establish a global network of partners 


Fund and support photographers through exhibitions, panel discussions, artist talks, and international outreach.


Present photographic projects in multiple cities [including the place where the photographs were taken], through exhibitions, social platforms, festivals and printed matter.


Host artist lectures/symposiums and other public programs to encourage audience discussion.


Establish a mentorship program for photographers seeking input from curators, gallerists, educators and other specialists.

Build a collection of limited-editioned photographs available for purchase only through CASE to help fund humanitarian issues.

Solidify CASE as the leading art fund for socially aware photographers who have a long-standing commitment to fighting humanitarian injustice.

CASE serves as an online hub for

photographic projects that tackle humanitarian issues 


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