ShowCASE is the presentation of CASE exhibitions and educational discussions. Works are exhibited in public settings that best fit the message, including art fairs, galleries, libraries, and outdoor wall-pastings.

The webinar addressed the refugee crisis happening at the El Paso, TX border and the resettlement camps in Greece. Panelists included representatives from the UNHCR (Norway), UNICEF (Norway) and Dräpen i Havet/A Drop in the Ocean (NGO), and photographer Knut Bry, and focused on the vast number of unaccompanied children in both places. The webinar included panel discussions with prominent humanitarian advocates, conversations with BriefCASE photographers at the forefront of assorted crises, video and photographic exhibitions, and personal stories shared by the Almadani children, whose family arrived in Chicago as Syrian refugees and were resettled by RefugeeOne.

I MATTER is an outdoor photography exhibition of children holding a sign stating I MATTER.

I MATTER is an outdoor exhibition that raises awareness about children’s human rights, regardless of their circumstances or where they live. The exhibition features photographs of children holding a sign stating I MATTER, in whatever language they speak. As more and more children lose the basic right to safety, education, and nourishment, I MATTER reminds us that all children matter, regardless of race, class, or religion. 

Children will help install every exhibition, The physical act of children wheat-pasting portraits of other children onto the side of a building, claiming their lives matter, is a powerful message and one that inspires meaningful dialogues. These conversations will be filmed on-site, as will the installation and exhibition, and available on our web site. 

Borderlines is an exhibition about unaccompanied refugee and asylum-seeking children forced by the US government into a temporary detention center built in Tornillo, TX, a remote, desert border town about 40 miles east of El Paso. 

Children Matter was a 3-day webinar presented by CASE Art Fund

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