Tine Poppe


BriefCASE is a selection of limited editioned photographs by CASE photographers. Chosen images are only available for purchase through CASE in the size designated, with 50% of the proceeds donated to an organization chosen by the artist, 25% going back to the photographer, and 25% going to CASE for production and operational expenses.


Virginity, 2018

12 3/4 x 16 3/4" pigment print

Ed. of 10 + 5APs

$ 1800





Tine Poppe [b. Oslo, Norway] is a Norwegian artist whose work focuses on social, political, and environmental issues. Her series, Deflowered, is a response to the 200 million girls and women subjected to female genital mutilation, a practice used to control women and their sexuality. Its persistence is a sign of global inequality and an indication that governments are failing to protect women's basic human rights. 



Proceeds donated to Forward UK Forward is an African women-led organization working to end violence against women and girls. From female genital mutilation and child marriage to domestic and sexual violence, they tackle abuse and discrimination, enabling African women and girls to have the dignity, health and equality they deserve.

Forward UK

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