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Alessio Mamo


BriefCASE is a selection of limited editioned photographs by CASE photographers. Chosen images are only available for purchase through CASE in the size designated, with 50% of the proceeds donated to an organization chosen by the artist, 25% going back to the photographer, and 25% going to CASE for production and operational expenses.

Alessio Mamo, _Dreaming Food, 2011_.jpg

Dreaming Food, 2011

12 3/4 x 18"pigment print

Ed. of 10 + 5APs

$ 1800




Alessio Mamo [b. 1976, Sicily, Italy] is currently based in Catania, and focuses on todays social, political and economic issues. Dreaming Food was a conceptual project about hunger issues in India. Despite economic growth, a majority of the Indian population still lives in extreme poverty, with close to 70% of its citizens residing in rural areas where conditions are extreme. Dreaming Food was inspired by the amount of food waste reported in the West. By going to a place where hunger is a reality and asking people to imagine what their dinner table might look like, Mamo reminds us that food should not be taken for granted. 

Proceeds donated to People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights seeks to provide basic rights to all, to eliminate situations which give rise to exploitation of vulnerable and marginalized groups, and to start a movement for a people friendly society.


More information on Alessio Mamo's work

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