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Jamie Johnson I Matter, 2021.jpg

I MATTER, 2021

12 3/4 x 8,9 "pigment print

Ed. of 10 + 5APs

$ 1800

Jamie Johnson


Jamie Johnson is a photographer specializing in children's documentary projects. As a mother and documentary photographer, Johnson's commitment to capturing the young faces of the next generation has been a lifelong focus, as she travels the world photographing children. From Laos to Cuba, and the Amazon to Mongolia, she found a universality among children with each new adventure. Her photographs capture the lifestyles, cultures, and traditions of children around the world, culminating in lifelong friendships with the families she meets. Her wet plate collodion series, Vices, has been exhibited internationally in galleries and museums, has been published in dozens of magazines, and is in the permanent collection of several museums. Her first monograph “Growing Up Travelling” was released in September 2020, published by Kehrer Verlag, and was named Best Book of 2020 in many publications. In 2021 she received the "Photographer of the Year Award” from Prix de la Photographie, Paris, for her work with the Irish Traveller children.

Proceeds donated to Think Again. Foundation ThinkAgain! is a non-profit organization that provides rehabilitation therapies to children severely affected by cancer and brain tumors. Specifically, they fund clinic-based therapies for children who continue to suffer due to the neurocognitive late effects of cancer and cancer treatment.

Foundation ThinkAgain

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