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I MATTER Oslo 2020                         Image: CASE Art Fund

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The Oslo Container is a collaboration between UNHCR, UNICEF, and CASE Art Fund. 

Five Norwegian street artists, over the period of five days, painted a shipping container that was placed in front of city hall in Oslo, Norway.  The theme was Children’s Rights. The collaboration collectively honored the 75 years of the UN’s work for human rights, and the continued need to create awareness about the issue, as more and more children are in need of protection. 



One of CASE Art Fund's major strengths is collaborating with international organizations and NGOs who are working on the ground in support of children’s rights. We do this through our fine art program, BriefCASE, and our art projects, Borderlines and I MATTER,  


In November 2020, CASE Art Fund partnered with the Nordic offices of UNICEF and UNHCR to raise awareness about children’s rights by placing a shipping container in front of City Hall in downtown Oslo.


As more and more people are forced to flee their countries due to violence or lack of opportunities, a shipping container symbolizes those that are forced into servitude under the guise of freedom. CASE Art Fund worked with several Norwegian graffiti artists to raise awareness about human trafficking, using the power of art to help spread the message.


I MATTER reminds us that all children matter, regardless of race, class, or religion.  The images of Zahra and Hayat, taken by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Muhammed Muheisen,  are of children from refugee camps in Lebanon. 

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