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Suitcase Omar Imam.jpg

Untitled, 2008 [suitcase]

12 3/4 x 17 1/4"pigment print

Ed. of 10 + 5APs

$ 2400

Omar Imam


In 2012, Syrian activist turned photographer Omar Imam [b. 1979 Damascus] was kidnapped and tortured by a militia and only let go when a friend intervened. Soon after, he left Damascus with his parents and wife, settling in Beirut, and now lives in Amsterdam. In refugee camps across Lebanon, Imam collaborated with Syrians to create conceptual photographs about their dreams — dreams of escape, dreams of love, and dreams of terror — rather than presenting them as simple statistics. The resulting images reveal the spirit of those who persevere, despite losing everything that was familiar.

Proceeds donated to RefugeeOne. RefugeeOne, based in Chicago, creates opportunities for refugees fleeing war, terror, and persecution to build new lives filled with safety, dignity, and



More information on Omar Imam's work

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