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Knut Bry


I MATTER is a selection of photographs by CASE photographers.

Chosen images are only available for purchase through CASE. All proceeds directly support the ongoing exhibition, I MATTER. 


Zaynab, 6 yrs old, 2020

Knut Bry

Knut Johannes Bry [b. 1946, Hallingdal, Norway] is an internationally renown Norwegian photographer and film director, specializing in advertising, fashion, and fine art. His work has garnered numerous awards and accolades, including a 2006 Norwegian cultural award for his contribution to the arts. His photographs have been published in various Condé Nast publications, including VOGUE, and The Traveler, and seen in several venues, including shows at the Stenersen Museum, Vigeland-museet and Gallery F15, in Oslo, Norway.

Knut Bry grew up in Hallingdal, Norway, and moved to Oslo when he was a young man, to work as a chef. After winning a photo competition hosted by the local paper, Aftenposten, Bry decided to teach himself photography and pursue it as a profession. In 1975, he moved to Paris, where he pursued his photography while working as a  model. Towards the end of the 1970s, his photographic career blossomed, achieving international status in the fashion world. Today, Bry has established himself as a true humanitarian, using his camera to educate the public about current human rights issues. He recently volunteered at Pikpa Refugee Camp and Moira Refugee Camp, where he witnessed the horrific ongoing refugee crisis happening in Greece. Bry graciously agreed to collaborate with CASE for I MATTER, resulting in four incredible portraits of young children from Moira Refugee Camp, holding signs that say "I MATTER."

The recent numbers of refugees fleeing their homelands has created an enormous humanitarian crisis that has become politicized, as countries seek to close borders denying access to people forced to flee their homelands due to violence. Caught in the middle of this awful reality are the parents who make the unimaginable choice to send their children away, in the hopes of a better life. Often they are sent to orphanages, where there is a chance for an education, food, and shelter. Other times, they are sent alone to a foreign land, in the hopes that a country will shelter them. I MATTER is CASE Art Fund's response to this crisis.

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