Heroes: Aisha, 16 years old, born in North East Nigeria, 2019


BriefCASE is a selection of limited editioned photographs by CASE photographers. Chosen images are only available for purchase through CASE in the size designated, with 50% of the proceeds donated to an organization chosen by the artist, 25% going back to the photographer, and 25% going to CASE for production and operational expenses.

Emeke Obanor

Heroes: Ladi, 16 years old, born in North East Nigeria, 2020


Emeke Obanor [b. 1972, Delta State, Nigeria] is a self-taught photographer based in the oil-rich, but crisis-torn Niger Delta region of Nigeria. A literature teacher by day, he is committed to showing the world the atrocities happening to girls in his region by Boko Haram, a ruthless terrorist group operating in northeastern Nigeria. In 2014, they abducted 276 female students from a school in the town of Chibok, and many are still missing. In captivity, the girls were radicalized against western education, a system that contributes to independent thinking, and is against Boko Haram’s view of Islam. Some girls gained freedom when they failed to detonate bombs that were strapped to their waists and surrendered to security authorities, while some gained freedom after military raids in their camps. But in the face of unimaginable terror, Islamic extremism, and gender bias, many of the young girls decided to pursue a western education when they regained their freedom. "We were abducted for the choice we made - to go to school," a young girl muttered. 

Proceeds donated to CASE Art Fund.  

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