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CASETalks raises awareness about the impact photography has on effecting change. Each month, CASE presents a discussion with an educator, curator, or nonprofit to talk about issues important to their practice and how photography helps educate their audience. We look forward to presenting ideas that foster dialogue and action

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February 2023

Robert Ardovino


Sitting 500 yards from the Mexico border, Ardovino's Desert Crossing is a restaurant, banquet hall, and Airbnb and recently home to border patrol, as the number of crossings has increased over the years. Robert Ardovino, co-owner of Ardovino's, shares his experiences about this complex issue.

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January 2023

Lisa Volpe


Lisa Volpe, Curator of photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston... reality TV addict and dog lover. How and why museums collect is often mysterious. With amazing candor, Lisa Volpe explains how the MFAH approaches acquisitions, what she finds of interest, and how photographs affect change.

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December 2022

"Andy Adams / Flak Photo"


Andy Adams, founder, editor, and publisher of FlakPhoto, an online digital/arts lab promoting photography and visual culture through a curated mix of photography news, online ephemera, recommended reading, and plenty of pictures.

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November 2022

"Desert Crossing"

Bob Moore


In 2018, CASE made its first trip to El Paso, Texas, after 1500 unaccompanied children, several of them separated from their families, were bused in the middle of the night to a small rural town outside El Paso called Tornillo. This is what we learned. 


October 2022

"In Her Own Words"

Ada Trillo

As a first-generation Mexican American and mother, Ada Trillo’s mission is to give a voice to the people and stories often missing in the immigration conversation, capturing the essence of people who are being mistreated and visualizing their journeys.

Heroes_ Aisha, 16 years old, born in North East Nigeria, 2019

September 2022

"In His Own Words"

Emeke Obanor


In 2014, Boko Haram abducted 276 girls from a school in the town of Chibok, Nigeria. Additionally, one in four girls are sexually assaulted before the age of 18. Listen to the artist talk about these issues, and the hopes many of the girls he photographed have for their future.

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JULY 2022

"Mother, Daughter, Doll"

Boushra Almutawakel &

 Karen Irvine


A conversation about Almutawakel's work on the issue on religious, patriarchal, misogynistic extremism and the misuse of Islam to weaponize control over women.

I Cant Sleep_0003.jpg

May 14, 2022

“I Can't Sleep: Homage to a Uyghur Homeland"

Lisa Ross & Elise Anderson


Photographer Lisa Ross discusses her project about the Uyghurs with Elise Anderson from the Uyghur Human Rights Project.

Jamie Johnson I Matter, 2021.jpg

March 12, 2022


Jamie Johnson / Patty Kerrigan


Jamie Johnson & Patty Kerrigan

A conversation about photographing children's hope and fears in fighting cancer and it aftermath

Jamie Johnson I Matter, 2021.jpg

March 12 2022


Jamie Johnson & Patty Kerrigan

A conversation about photographing children's hope and fears in fighting cancer and its aftermath.


April 9, 2022

"I MATTER at Expo Chicago"

CASE Art Fund & Donna Baiocchi


I MATTER,  a photographic exhibition of children throughout the world holding hand-written signs in their native language, stating I MATTER.

CASETalks #18 coming soon
Florian de Lassee Ishet, Ethiopia, 2013.jpg

January 8, 2022

"How Much Can You Carry?"

Floriane De Lassée

& Cathy Edelman

A conversation about photographing peoples' burdens.

Gideon Mendel .jpg

December 11, 2021

"Drowning World"

Gideon Mendel & Makeda Best

A conversation about the climate crisis.

Heroes_ Aisha, 16 years old, born in North East Nigeria, 2019

October 9, 2021

"Heroes: Girls rescued from Boko Haram"

​​Emeke Obanor & Mark Sealy

A conversation about the ongoing crisis that young girls face in Nigeria.

Shahidul Alam By Morten Krogvold

September 11, 2021

"Art as Activism"

Shahidul Alam &

Morten Krogvold

A conversation between two humanitarians

EXPO CHICAGO 2019_Booth Shot_CASE Art Fund.jpg

August 14, 2021

"What is

CASE Art Fund?"

Cathy Edelman & Anette Skuggedal in conversation with Leslie Thomas.

A conversation about CASE Art Fund

Friendship Park new.jpg

July 10, 2021

"The Perpetual Canvas"

John Fanestil & Debi Cornwall

A conversation about how art is used to raise awareness


June 12, 2021

"I Am A Refugee"

Malayan Jabateh & Achy Obejas

A conversation about leaving home for a new country

Children of Angkar #5, 2021  10 x 8” Dag

May 8, 2021

"You Don't Belong Here!”

Binh Dahn & Corey Keller

A conversation about identity

Untitled Omar Imam

April 10, 2021

"Where Art and Documentary Meet”

Omar Imam & Kristen Lubben


A conversation about how one photographs trauma

REP 08 _DJI_0006_JPG_1500px_wide.jpg

March 13, 2021

“Stupid Borders”

Rubén Martín de Lucas 

& Robert Moore


A conversation about how borders function

web GLOBE.jpg

February 13, 2021


Keith Carter & Anne Tucker 


A conversation about photographing along the New Mexico/ Texas border

  web New 67_SECUENCIA_1ERA.jpg

December 12, 2020

“I work so you don't have to”

Alejandro Cartagena &

Malcolm Daniel

A discussion about the reality of migrant workers

Shimon Attie "Night Watch (Norris), 2019

January 9, 2021

“Night Watch”

Shimon Attie & Natasha Egan


A discussion about art and activism

Born Refugee_Turjoy Chowdhury-3.jpg

November 14, 2020

“Where am I from?”

Turjoy Chowdhury&

Rajit Mazumder

A discussion about being stateless

Andrea Motta.jpg

October 10, 2020

“They’re only Children”

  Andrea Motta & Mimi Chakarova


A discussion about the sex trafficking industry

_MG_2053 cesar123c.jpg

September 12, 2020

“Where are they now?”

Cesar Dezfuli & Tim Wride

Giving voice to the voiceless by telling their stories

CASETalks is presented with support from the Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation



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