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September 25-27, 2018

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EXPO Chicago is one of the leading art fairs in the USA, featuring 135 exhibitors. CASE was invited to present Omar Imam’s work as one of the special exhibitions. 

"From its inception, EXPO Chicago has been committed to showcasing the work of nonprofit and cause-related organizations at our annual exposition. Working consistently with Human Rights Watch, NRDC and other local groups that utilize artists to communicate issues and ideas, we were proud to welcome CASE Art Fund this year. CASE Art Fund’s exhibition, featuring the work of Omar Imam, illuminated the global challenges of the Syrian refugee crisis and we look forward to seeing what they propose next year."

Tony Karman [President & Director of Expo Chicago]

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EXPO Chicago is one of the leading art fairs in the United States that is committed to highlighting non-profit organizations that focus on humanitarian issues. Since this is the fundamental goal of CASE, we found EXPO Chicago to be the perfect venue to create a new interactive presentation of Omar Imam’s [do hyperlink] work. CASE transformed a typical art fair booth into a refugee tent, using photographs and a video to further the discussion about the refugee crisis. Visitors walked into the tent, confronted by two photographs hanging opposite one another: a self-portrait of Imam talking about his own torture, and one of a Jihadist who stopped killing after receiving a message from God. Between the two photographs played a video Imam created about his first project, Live, Love, Refugee. Outside the tent hung photographs from clotheslines, referencing details from several of Imam’s images

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