Andrea Motta


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Innocent Souls I [#11] / Innocent Souls III [#19], 2013

12 3/4 x 19" pigment print

Ed. of 10 + 5APs

$ 1800


Andrea Motta (b. 1970, Sao Paulo, Brazil) is a documentary photographer specializing in long-term projects that focus on sexual exploitation and human trafficking of young women and girls, and the immigration crisis. Her work has taken her around the world including projects in India, Albania, Brazil, Nepal, Kosovo, Iraq, Romania, New York and Greece, where she currently lives. Her work in the brothels of Mumbai reveals a horrifying reality about the sexual exploitation of young girls who arrive in the city seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Street prostitution and brothels are a largely urban phenomenon that is especially widespread in cities with a large migrant male population, such as the red-light district in Mumbai, that has around 20.000 young girls and women who have been trafficked from the countryside. Innocent Souls is a portrait project about some of these girls who were rescued from the sex industry and living in a shelter.

Proceeds are donated to Rescue Foundation, established in 2000 to rescue, rehabilitate and repatriate young girls forced into sex trafficking in and around Mumbai. The foundation receives missing person reports from NGO partners, police departments and family members and conducts operations accordingly.  

Rescue Foundation

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