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The Crocodiles are sleeping.2016 .jpeg

The Crocodiles are Sleeping, 2016

12 3/4 x 13 1/4" pigment print

Ed. of 10 + 5APs

$ 1800

Harry Fisch

The Art of Disappearing is a body of work by Harry Fisch (b. 1952, Nice, France) that raises awareness about the Arbore tribe in Ethiopia where the last 2300 members currently reside. Modernization of the roads has created easy visitor access, changing the Arbore’s way of life, as they’ve become “other,” losing their identity. The roads, financed and built by the Chinese government, has forced their relocation. Fisch’s work is a glimpse at the other side of the mirror; to understand what it reflects and how we interpret the “other” when they go from being observed to being an observer. In this series, text, objects, and images are juxtaposed, creating a conversation between the Arbore and the influence of China.

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