I MATTER is an outdoor exhibition that raises awareness about the right of all children to basic education, regardless of circumstances or place.


The exhibition features photographs of children holding a sign stating

I MATTER, in the language they speak.

Zaynab, 6 yrs old, 2020 © Knut Bry

Mawada, 5 yrs old, 2020 © Knut Bry

Faith Guilbuault, 18 yrs old, 2020 © Karen Guilbuault

Giulia Bottero, 15 yrs old, 2019 © Kristina Nazarévskaia

CASE Art Fund is seeking parents, guardians, and photographers who would like to contribute to this important project. I MATTER is an ongoing exhibition and will continue until all children receive the basic human right to an education, Please email info@caseartfund.org if you would like to photograph children in your area or host a panel discussion about this important topic.

I MATTER is supported in part by The Weinberg/Newton Family Foundation

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