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CASE Art Fund  seeks work about human rights issues that strip away the innocence of children. 

      * Past projects that demonstrate truthfulness / respect about issues 

    A clear vision about a projects intent 

   * A commitment to collaboration 

     * A pledge to stay invested in the community/person past the grant cycle 

     * Agree to mentor future grant recipients about CASE Art Fund’s process 

     * Contribute to BriefCASE 

The allocation of the grant is the first step. Once an artist is selected, he/she meets with Catherine and Anette to develop a timeline for the completion of the project. Mentoring and guidance is available as needed, and at the discretion of the artist. Project updates are required during the grant time period, to ensure the resulting images are consistent with the photographer’s vision. 

ShowCASE is the final presentation of the funded project. Work will be exhibited in the manner that best fits the message. Traditional galleries, billboards, kiosks, projections, library installations, outdoor murals, and other forms of public presentations will be considered by CASE in collaboration with the grant recipient. 

It is our belief that projects about social issues need to be placed back into the place where the conflict is happening. Through public exhibitions, people who don’t normally walk into a museum or gallery can learn about an issue within their own community. This is the strength and power of the photographic image.



Time and again photography has proven its ability to effect change and ShowCASE aims to contribute to this conversation. Grant recipients will share their project through public lectures, seminars, workshops or small dinners, fostering dialogue and awareness. 

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