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Ruben Martin de Lucas


BriefCASE is a selection of limited editioned photographs by CASE photographers. Chosen images will only be available for purchase through CASE in the size designated, with 50% of the proceeds going directly to support the project, 25% going back to the photographer, and 25% going to CASE for operational expenses.

Minimal Republics 8, 2017




Ruben Martin de Lucas’ [b. 1977, Madrid, Spain] geometric landscapes are born from a few simple gestures: appropriate 100㎡ of space, outline a border, and inhabit it for no more than 24 hours. From parking lots to empty agricultural crops, anonymous segments of land are transformed by these actions into what the artist describes as “ephemeral micro-states.” Here, in these neat and ordered territories with a solitary population of just one, our human efforts to delineate and control the natural world are made stark.[©Sophie Wright/LensCulture]

Proceeds donated to NASCO, Feeding Minds.. Its mission is to provide academic resources in order to support educational initiatives and with social, economic and environmental activities, to improve the lives of underprivileged communities in the Republic of Ghana.

NASCO, Feeding Minds

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